Toilet Soap
Toilet Soaps are used for the hygiene applications and ensure the cleanliness of hands in different arenas. These are useful for homes, shops, workplaces etc. They are provided with several fragrances.
Chemicals And Minerals
Offered Chemicals And Minerals are applicative for several industrial applications. These are available with controlled as well as fine particle sizes. These are supplied with many physical properties, which are fruitful for production & precessing sector.
Talc Powder
Offered high-quality Talc Powder is a cosmetic grade mineral that can be exclusively used in the industries of cosmetic and personal care. It has a smooth and moisture-absorbing texture.
Masterbatch Filler
Masterbatch Filler is offered with good dispersion and is accountable for improving the surface frictional as well as heat stability properties. It has high toughness and boosted rigidity. It has a specific gravity that enables to be used for some specific applications.
Barytes Powder
Barytes Powder is functional as a high-quality and extremely functional weighting agent. This additive is offered in uniform sizing as well as different molecular weights. It is extracted from the Barite mineral.
Calcium Carbonate Cable
Calcium Carbonate Products are applicable for many industrial chores, be it production, processing or some other. Cables, powders and others provided in the range are suitable for chemical and other industries.
Quartz Powder
Quartz Powder is functional as an abrasive in the processes of stone-cutting, glass grinding and sandblasting. This is applicable for the production of scouring soaps, sandpaper, ceramic ware etc.
Dolomite Powder
Dolomite Powder is essential for acid neutralization and proffers many benefits in the stream restoration projects. Some use this as a soil conditioner, as well. This is popular as a flux as well as sintering agent in the metal processing sector.
Sillimanite Powder
Sillimanite Powder is highly advantageous for the industries of iron foundries, spark plugs, refractory bricks, chemicals, glass etc. It has exclusive applicability in the production of production of high-alumina refractories.
Stearic Acid
The production of detergents, cosmetics, shampoos, soaps and other cleaning formulations needs Stearic Acid. This is a fatty acid that is included in several cosmetic as well as personal care items.
Mica Powder
Mica powders is basically a powder, employed in cosmetics industry. This is used to make blush, eye shadow and other powder-based makeups. Users can use these with polymer clay.
Calcite Powder
Calcite Powder is provided with highly high whiteness as well as high purity. It is free flowing in nature and contains carbon, oxygen and calcium. The powder is utilized as a construction aggregate, construction physical, pigment etc.
Zinc Stearate
Zinc Stearate works as an effective release agent, utilized for the production of polyurethane, rubber, polyester processing system etc. It is also demanded for the industry of cosmetics. This is also functional as a thickening as well as lubricative agent.
Pebbles are available with us in numerous colors. These are demanded for sedimentology. These tiny stones are utilized for making water-smart gardens as well as the gardens of rooftops.